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This web site includes many products that are the most cost effective pricing in the market place. Training 2 CARE recognised that there are many companies that sell products and then charge additional amounts because they are 'dementia or autism' friendly. This website contains many products that other organisations sell but are at the best pricing available anywhere on the internet or even direct from the manufacturers.
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Training 2 CARE are proud to be the first training provider in East Anglia to become an endorsed training provider by Skills for Care. This helps care providers to know that we only deliver to the highest standards that meet the requirements of CQC and the care act.
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Whatever your training needs are we have the right solution for you that is both practical and engaging. We offer Nurse courses, Standard Care courses, Experience training and video e-learning. We deliver to over 200,000 delegates per year in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Training 2 CARE and Experience training truly are a one stop shop.
Rob Wilson
Rob Wilson

My mum had had dementia and Alzheimer's over the past few years and actually died of it just a week ago. She used to love listening to me play the violin and would ask me to but whenever I began she would immediately lose interest. As a result of the show, where it was explained that you lose the ability to filter out background sounds, I bought an electric violin and played to her over headphones, the idea being to block out the background noises. Amazingly enough, she was very happy wearing the headphones, and began moving her head to the music whenever I played. I thought you may find this useful.


Many thanks - you gave us a lovely memory we otherwise wouldn't have had


Nana Appiah New Partnerships Officer Alzheimer's Society
Nana Appiah New Partnerships Officer Alzheimer's Society

Below I have provided you with some feedback from my colleagues, and hope this proves useful. 

-        This is a fantastic training course which brings to life just how it feels to be living with dementia. I don’t think I fully appreciated all the different ways it can affect you, and it really opened my eyes up to how difficult it must be to live with dementia. The experience had a real impact on me, and will be very beneficial to the work I do, fundraising to help people living with dementia and their carers.

-        This tour was truly insightful, and definitely helped me to develop a better understanding of some of the symptoms and experiences for individuals living with dementia. As a fundraiser, that has given me a greater understanding of the people I aim to support. At the beginning, I felt a little uneasy as it didn’t feel like a professional training session with mannequins placed around the room.

-        I thought the tour was very effective and really gave a good sense of what it could feel like to have dementia. Very insightful. I would also say, perhaps it didn’t feel like a very professional operation, the waiting room full of stuff/mannequins.

-        I found the tour very engaging and insightful. Certainly not a pleasant experience but a very valuable one which will stay with me for a long time! I would recommend it to everyone, regardless of their experience (or lack of) so far of dementia.

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At the heart of our organisations mission is to provide cost effective, health and social care courses that will improve the quality of care given by people working within the sector.

We recognise that high quality training is the cornerstone to an effective workforce. Our goal is to enhance learner’s knowledge and skills by designing and developing engaging and innovative courses that embed evidence based practice which in turn will lead to better outcomes for people who receive care and support services.

We understand the needs of the care providers and the challenges they face in sourcing affordable training that is not compromised on quality. We are continuously investing in new technology equipment and staff development to maintain high standards of training delivery.