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Complete Set - 10L Vaccine Bag with all Accessories

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The 10L Vaccine Bag Bundle Includes:

Porta Thermal 10L Vaccine Bag
Small Rigid Blocks (4)
Gel Coolant Pouches (8)
Data Logger
External Temperature Sensor

Key Features:

Cold chain vaccine storage for an extended amount of time
10 litre size
Estimated capacity up to 80HPV packs (without additional coolant)
Double handle grip or shoulder strap
Suitable for Search & Rescue; Paramedic Teams; Short Community Visits; and transfers between wards. For increased capacity, consider our 20 litre or 30 litre versions.

The Porta Thermal Medium 10 Litre Vaccine Bag:

Typically, the 10 litre Portal Thermal Vaccine Bags are used to keep items in cold chain over short distances, or between two locations in a district, for example between wards and clinics, or transport to single-location community projects. They will keep the contents (vaccines or medicines) in cold chain for up to 3hrs40 minutes without additional coolant, without the need for constant refrigeration. 

In a handy, compact size, the 10 litre cold chain transport bag has a capacity for up to 80HPV packs, or slightly fewer if coolant packs are used to extend the time in cold chain. They are most commonly used for transfer of temperature-sensitive vaccines or medicines between two locations, or for community outreach programmes lasting a few hours.

These bags are in use across the globe with community medical teams and are market-leading in design and format. The bags are durable and field-tested to withstand everyday use, have a wipe-clean, infection control design and material, and are effective at keeping medication and vaccines in cold chain for extended periods of time. The standard 10 litre vaccine bag is designed to be carried by an individual, with a double grip handle or removable shoulder strap option.

The new updated 2020 version builds on the heritage of our original thermal bag but brings improvements including durability, infection control properties, insulation and handling.

Size / Dimensions:

Estimated capacity 80 HPV packs *
Bag size: Internal 395 x 255 x 170mm External 410 x 280 x 220mm
*This does not allow for any gel packs/coolants

Thermal Bag Durability:

250D Tarpaulin
YKK metal zips
Metal fittings

Infection Prevention Features:

Materials and inner lining are wipe clean and waterproof
Manufactured with anti-bacterial, anti-static and anti-fungal material
Velcro-free design
Anti-rot stitching for easy wipe down
Public Health England and equivalent standards

Insulating Properties:

Insulation Thickness: 45mm
Internal zip flap to prevent cool air releasing
Additional internal clear lid with hand slip-in sleeve
Thick insulation pillow & 1 thermal separators
Mesh inside pockets for securing large coolant blocks
Data logger and identity compartment, secured and visual
Compatible with additional coolant packs.

Extensive Independent testing has been conducted and full reports are available upon request. It should be noted that time contents remain below 8C will vary depending on the load, ambient temperature, quantity and positioning of the coolant and temperature of contents when loaded. It is always advised to use a data logger to continually measure the temperature of contents.

Tests in 2020 shows these bags holding cold chain for up to 3 hours 40 minutes without coolant. We always advise using coolant to extend cold chain timings, 4 small blocks and 8 gels.

Health & Safety:

Double padded hand grip
Adjustable and removable shoulder strap with padding
Collapsible design for easy storage.


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