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103D Two Handle Mug with Internal Cone

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Two Handled Mug with Internal Cone 
A mug with Internal Cone and two large handles for safe drinking - even in with shaky hands.
This mug is equipped with two ergonomically shaped handles to ensure an optimal hold as well as a internal cone which encourages independent drinking without any head movement. This makes sure that even the shakiest hands have everything under control.

Two hand(le)s make light work.
This is why the 815 Mug is equipped with two handles. Thanks to their ergonomically design, they sit comfortably in the hand and create a firm hold while drinking, even with significant tremors or muscle weakness.

The mug with the drink trick enables drinking without having to tilt the head backwards.
Function on the outside, geometry on the inside. In addition to the effective thermal function, the mug hides a cone-shaped interior. This means that even people who are bed-bound or have limited movement in the neck and arms can satisfy their thirst.The nose cut-out mugs that are often used for people with physical limitations. The Mug with Internal Cone is also intuitive to use and requires no explanation.

It's all made possible thanks to the cone-shaped interior, which tapers towards the bottom and looks like an ice cream cone. This clever feature enables people to drink by themselves without having to tilt the head backwards. The nose no longer gets in the way, either. And since its function is concealed within the mug's interior, it looks no different to other conventional thermo mugs on the outside. The user therefore never feels embarrassed, discriminated against or alienated, but rather part of the group - just like they should.

Internal Cone
Raise your mug, not your head.
The cone-shaped interior allows you to drink from the mug without tilting your head back, so that people who have physical limitations or are bed-bound can drink with ease.

Thermal function
Hot stays hot and cold stays cold.
The thermal function guarantees that cold drinks stay cold and hot drinks stay hot - just the way it should be. The air chamber between the inside and the outside of the mug creates a thermal effect that keeps drinks tasty for as long as required. This means that everyone can enjoy their favourite drink at coffee time or breakfast at the perfect temperature - whether hot or cold.

Lifetime warranty
ORNAMIN offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Only if the instructions for use and the care instructions are followed. This warranty does not cover general wear and tear. Please also note that the warranty is only valid if used properly: ORNAMIN tableware acts as an eating and drinking utensils - it is expressly not suitable for food preparation in stove, oven or microwave.


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