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001D Keep Warm Plate

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Keep warm plate and keep warm bowl

A plate and bowl with integrated thermal function and practical, non-slip grip pads.

The keep warm plate and keep warm bowl enable even the slowest eater to enjoy their meal to the very last bite. Non-slip grip pads not only ensure a safe hold, but are also a great way to conceal the openings for the thermal function. A non-slip ring also guarantees a firm stand.

Enjoyment just got super-sized.
The keep warm plate and matching keep warm bowl are our sophisticated enjoyment super-sizers, which use a simple trick to keep food warm and tasty for longer. This is good news especially for older people, children and those with a disability that makes eating a slightly slower affair. Both the keep warm plates and bowls have a thermoplastic outer material (bisphenol A free). On the inside, they are made of high-quality melamine. Thanks to the practical fill hole, the hollow chamber can easily be filled with hot water to keep the food at its optimal temperature. Each item has two additional grip pads made of soft, non-slip plastic. The grip pads fulfil a dual purpose: they ensure a sturdy hold whilst simultaneously serving as covers for the fill holes underneath. The keep warm plates and bowls have a secure, non-slip ring to keep them firmly on the table. It goes without saying that they are also dishwasher safe.

The masters of camouflage.
One of the nicest moments of the day is when the whole family gathers round the dining table to eat. We want every member of the family to enjoy this time without feeling left out. This is why the keep warm plates and bowls are designed both to ensure that they are not optically recognisable as feeding aids and that everyone can use them - even those who don't need the thermal function.

Thermal really can be this cool.
A quick tip for the summer: if you fancy a scoop of ice cream in the sun or a fresh fruit salad, the thermal crockery can also be filled with cold or iced water, or even crushed ice in order to keep your food deliciously cool for longer.

Practical design
Slip-resistant and practically unbreakable - the promise of keep warm crockery. Thanks to its high-quality melamine, the crockery can easily survive the odd unintentional knock from the bed or high chair. The non-slip grip inserts even have a dual purpose - they cover the hot or cold water fill holes underneath and offer a firm hold while eating. The brake trick, which consists of a clever non-slip ring on the base, makes sure that the plates and bowls firmly stay put.

Lifetime warranty
lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Only if the directions for use and the care instructions are followed. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. Please also note that the warranty is valid only if used properly: tableware serves as an eating and drinking utensils - it is expressly not suitable for food preparation in stove, oven or microwave.


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