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Dementia Interpreter

£475.00 (ex VAT)
Half Day 3 hour course (Max 12 Delegates) 10am or 13.30pm start
Full Day (Max 24 Delegates 12 per session) 10am-16.30pm 2 x 3 hour courses
10am Start
13.30pm Start
Friday 10th July 2020
Saturday 11th July 2020
Sunday 12th July 2020
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Dementia Interpreters Course

‘The Language of Dementia’


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lose the ability to speak? How could you tell people what you would like, want or need? Would you find new ways of communicating? Would they understand what you were trying to tell them? Now add to this that you have dementia, how debilitating and frustrating would this be?

The dementia interpreter course is designed to enable delegates to understand how to communicate with people with dementia and recognise that behaviours are often a way of telling us something.  The word interpreter means ‘Someone whose job is to change what someone else is saying into another language’ and we recognise that families, staff or anyone who comes into direct or indirect contact with people with dementia should have the ability to interpret what the person is saying and adapt the way that we communicate with them.  By understanding this we can then reduce the frustration that losing the simple ability to talk can cause.

During the course you will be taught about the impact of communication issues on an individual and a group from not only your perspective but then from the persons perspective as well.  You will learn new techniques and skills to help understand the simple changes you need to make to understand the person and gain the skills to decipher new behaviours and understand what they are saying.  You will be given a 5-point plan to be able to analyze different behaviours and work out what they are trying to tell you and recognise different forms of communication.


Part of this course is experiential training and this means we are going to put you into the same position as the people that we are trying to communicate with.  Some of the delegates will be staff members who have to communicate with the other delegates that are people with dementia.  You will have the following abilities progressively removed:

  • Speech.

  • Sight.

  • Touch.

  • Hearing.

  • Movement in body and arms.

  • Movement in legs.

You will also experience taste issues, smells and much, much more.

By having these abilities removed you will have to find new ways of communicating with the staff member and they will have to find new ways of communicating with you.  You will also have day to day care procedures happening around you and to you so that you will understand different implications of negative practice.

Over time and with your help we expect to build a dementia dictionary to improve the journey of dementia for the person, family, carers alike.  But we can only do this by thinking outside of the box and taking the chance to be put into the same position as the person and the dementia interpreter course does exactly this.  

The Dementia interpreter course is one of the most powerful and life adjusting course that is available within training today.


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