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Dementia Interpreter

£475.00 (ex VAT)
Half Day 3 hour course (Max 12 Delegates) 10am or 13.30pm start
Full Day (Max 24 Delegates 12 per session) 10am-16.30pm 2 x 3 hour courses
10am Start
13.30pm Start
Wednesday 25th November 2020
Thursday 26th November 2020
Friday 27th November 2020
Saturday 28th November 2020
Sunday 29th November 2020
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Dementia Dictionary. Interpreters

So, you have decided that you want to be a dementia interpreter and really start to understand how to communicate with a person who has dementia.  Dedicating your time to understanding and supporting people with dementia is one of the most fulfilling things that any person can do and becoming a qualified and registered interpreter is an important step to changing the way that we understand dementia.

Becoming a dementia interpreter is a 5-stage qualification and you will have to fulfill and meet the requirements of each stage.Along the way, you will be rewarded for your commitment and will be recognised for each achievement level.Once you have become a fully qualified, level 5 interpreter, you will have met and developed your skills to the highest standards, however this is a lifelong commitment and you will have to continually increase knowledge to support everyone.

The 5 stages of achievement

Level 1: You will attend and pass the dementia interpreters course that will give you the first understanding of what is expected to be a registered dementia interpreter.  This is an experiential course where delegates will have their abilities such as sight and hearing removed to best understand what it is like for a person with dementia.  By achieving this level, you will become a level 1 registered dementia interpreter and will have your profile added to the worlds first dementia dictionary web site.

Level 2: To become a level 2 dementia interpreter you must up load your details to your profile on the Dementia Dictionary website, promote advanced planning and attend the Virtual Dementia Tour.  You will be able to upload a copy of your certificate, be recognised as level 2 and receive the coveted Dementia Interpreter and Virtual Dementia Tour badges.  

Level 3: Once you have achieved level 2 status, you will be included in the Dementia Dictionary forum.  In this forum, you will be expected to visit regularly and upload different behaviours that you have witnessed from a person with dementia. All level 2 and above interpreters will add to the forum so that we continually grow the dementia dictionary together.  Level 3 interpreters will then be able to comment on what we feel the person is trying to communicate and then using a voting system, you will be able to decide which communication meaning is loaded to the dictionary.  To achieve level 3 status, you will be expected to have supported the dictionary to a panel of dementia professionals satisfaction.

Level 4: You are now at the stage where you will be achieving great results within dementia communication and with this responsibility, we will ask that you decide on, research and write about a negative or positive behavior or situation.  Part of this research will be how to resolve issues and turn any negative behavior into a positive to help the wider dementia community. You will also support to write content for the dementia dictionary information pages and promote the services that are recognised throughout the dictionary.  Your research will be published to the Dementia Dictionary and you will receive the deserved recognition from professionals and people it helps.

Level 5 To become a level 5 dementia interpreter you will have completed all the above and completed your yearly update (via webinar year 1, face to face year 2).  The goal of the dementia interpreter and dementia dictionary, is to provide evidence that we are committed to improving standards of care and knowledge.  A level 5 interpreter will also be expected to support other dementia interpreters at lower levels to achieve their promotion to a higher level.  Level 5 Dementia Interpreters will receive the recognition that they deserve across the dementia dictionary.  With this being a worldwide service, we believe that you can achieve the highest recognition from your peers and be a part of something that will change dementia care forever.  Great for your CV, fantastic for people in your community, amazing for the people who have dementia and needed for the families that are in desperate need of your help.

To become a dementia interpreter, you will have to be committed to improving understanding and researching and sharing new methods and best practice for the good of all.  Being named forever as a person that has helped to build the content of the dementia dictionary is a goal that everyone who works within the care wants to achieve.  We all have a responsibility to improve understanding and this portal will change the lives of millions of people across the world that will be able to access it and improve their situation.


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