Autism Reality Experience
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Autism Reality Experience

Autism Reality Experience

The Autism Reality Experience is an innovative, hands on training session which has been developed to give people an experience of the sensory processing difficulties faced by people on the autism spectrum.  Simulation training has been proven to be a highly effective way to engage people in learning and not only do they come away from the training having learned new skills and techniques, the experience and what they learn from it stays with them. 

The experience is fully immersive, interactive and a must for anyone who is involved in supporting people on the autism spectrum

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for choosing the Mobile Virtual Dementia Tour, our innovative dementia training and or the Autism Reality Experience which gives delegates the opportunity to have an experience of what dementia or Autism might be like and help improve practice.


What do we cover?

During the Experience

Sensory processing difficulties are very common among people on the autism spectrum and this can have a profound impact on a person's ability to manage with day to day living.  The experience itself enables you to experience what sensory overload can be like by the use of specialist equipment and a simulated environment.  You will be required to carry our some basic tasks as well as manage the effects of sensory overload. Your actions and behaviours during your experience will be carefully monitored and analysed by one of our specially trained facilitators. This valuable insight and feedback can really help people understand the sensory processing difficulties and furthermore, know how to make positive changes and improve outcomes

The De-Brief

The de-brief is an important part of the session where you will get the chance to reflect on your experience and learn from it.  Everything regarding the autism relaity experience will be explained fully. Delegates will also get the chance to explore strategies and techniques which can help improve care and support. 

"The actual reality / experience part is a huge eye opener into what it's like to be Autistic. I came away thinking that my little boy is a pretty amazing little dude. It really gives an insight into what he deals with on a daily basis, how hard it is for him to do tasks, follow instructions and how communication is key." 

Janis Vagliani

"The feedback from staff on the above training was very good.. They have made comments that Autism reality experience was probably “the best” training they’ve ever had.."



"Absolutley incredible experience and really has helped me to understand my son who has autism. Thank you"

Julian coutez

"That was the most amazing training course that I have ever done.  So interesting and really should be mandatory to all who work with autistic people."

Helen Raines

"Excellent training with Chelsey from your team today. Thank you so much. This is the best Autism training I've done!"

Timothy Strachan

Requirements for the Autism Reality Experience

The Autism Reality Experience is suitable for anyone whether you are a relative of an autistic person or working in a professional capacity. We offer open courses at our training centre in Earls Colne on a monthly basis which you can book onto via our website or by contacting one of our sales team.  If you are interested in the Autism Reality Experience coming to your organisation we can bring our specially designed mobile unit.

Requirements for the Autism Reality Experience

Course length and delegate numbers.

The Autism Reality Experience lasts for three hours.  All attendees will need to be availble for the full duration of the session.  We are able to deliver one two sessions in a day and each session can hold up to 12 delegates.

Anybody attending will need to be available for the full duration of the session. 


Course length and delegate numbers.

Who should book the A.R.E?

The Autism Reality Experience is suitable for everyone including families and professionals. 

This training course is ideal for businesses such as: Health and Social Care Providers, NHS Trusts, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Police, Fire, Councils, Shopping Centres, doctors surgeries and many more.

For further information please contact our customer care team.

Who should book the A.R.E?


  • How long are the sessions and how many delegates can go through the experience?

    There are 2 sessions in a day which are 3 hours each. This includes going through the experience and the de-brief after. The session times run 10am-1pm and 2pm – 5pm in which 12 delegates go through each session (24 in the day).

  • What size is the Mobile Unit?

    The unit is 7.5m x 3m. We usually advise to allow 3-4 car park spaces to be coned off for the mobile unit to be parked in.

  • Do we get Certificates after training?

     Yes, we issue certificates of attendance.

  • Is the experience any difference if I book onto the open courses or hire the mobile unit?

    You receive exactly the same experience except one is at our training centre and one is at yours. 

  • Do you offer any discounts for any associations?

    We already offer this unique course at incredible value for money.  We also donate 10% of all revenue to Anna Kennedy Online (Charity Number 1143630) so by discounting this course we would not be able to give as much to them.  Anna Kennedy Online does some amazing work to support people on the autism spectrum and their families.  For more information on what they do please visit

  • Can women who are pregnant go through the experience?

    No this experience is not suitable for pregnant women.

  • Can people on the spectrum go through the experience?

    Yes however we will need to be notified beforehand.

  • What is required when hiring the bus?

    Adequate parking and a spare room for the debrief.

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